SFHG Bring Your Brews Results

Congrats to the winners of the SFHG’s AHA-BJCP certified Bring Your Brews Homebrew Competition! There were 29 entries in this competition. We capped the event off with a great share at Anchor Brewing and followed up with a BJCP presentation from our very own Dermot Stratton.

Great year of SFHG competition everyone!!

The winners:
1st – Kevin Inglin’s Knees Bees Southern English Brown
2nd – Paul Liszewski’s W90 Russian Imperial Stout
3rd – Alfredo Rodriguez’s Ahi Belgian Golden Strong Ale
Honorable Mention– Nicholas Damoth’s Road to Nowhere Saison

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Bring Your Brews – The Last SFHG Club Comp for 2014

Tired of being told what to brew for these competitions? Well here’s your chance to Bring Your Brews and make whatever you want…well, almost whatever you want. Brewers may enter one (1) beer for judging from any of the BJCP Style Categories 1-23, EXCEPT styles already judged in SFHG events this year, ruling out 6D, 10A, 10B, 10C, 11A, 19B, and 19C, but everything else is good to go. Beers will be judged according to 2008 BJCP Style Guidelines. Winners (Top 3) will be announced at an SFHG Homebrew share event (location + time TBD). Award recipients earn 3 points for 1st Place, 2 points for 2nd Place, and 1 point for 3rd Place toward the 2014 SFHG Homebrewer of the Year Award. All other non-placing entries will earn 1⁄2 point.

Please register your entried here: HERE

Submission Requirements:

Please provide three 12oz bottles or two 22oz bottles for this contest.  Each bottle should have a piece of paper rubber banded to the bottle with the following information:
1.  Brewer(s) Name(s)
2.  Primary Contact’s e-mail address
3.  BJCP Category
4.  Beer Name

Please bring the bottles ready for submission to Brewcraft with labels and rubber bands already applied. (It is not their responsibility to have paper and/or rubber bands for you to label your beer!)

We get so many entries to our comps from our paid members that we can’t accept other entries, this is a “club only” comp. Cost to enter is *FREE* TO SFHG MEMBERS with submission to Google Form link listed above with the details of your entry (the same information you provide on the sheet rubber-banded to your bottles). The form is an important tool for the organizers to know how many entries to expect to pick up at Brewcraft and to ensure no entries are missing – please make sure you turn in a beer if you fill in the form.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact Competitions Chair (dermot.stratton@gmail.com) for more information.

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SFHG’s 2014 Golden Gate Picnic & Tribute to American Styles Competition

It was a gorgeous day at Marx Meadow in Golden Gate Park, where the SF Homebrewers Guild held our 2nd annual Summer picnic event. Thanks to the 70+ SFHG members, friends, and family who showed up and shared their Saturday and their homebrew with us all!

Congrats to the winners of the SFHG’s AHA-BJCP certified Tribute to America Homebrew Competition covering American Pale Ale, Amber, Brown, and Hefeweizen. The winners were: 
1st – Alex Deacon’s Pale Ale
2nd – Karlo Berket & Sami Rollins American Amber
3rd – Tom Pellack’s American Brown
People’s Choice – Randy Swanson’s Coco Brown

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SFHG + Motobrew = May 3rd Big Brew Day!

The May 3rd Big Brew Day at Paul L’s Motobrewing space was excellent! Everyone had a blast and learned a bunch about brewing. Huge thanks to Paul & Miriam L for organizing and hosting, filling growlers, and teaching about all grain brewing! Thanks Chris C for teaching the extract brewing class! Can’t wait to try the beers. Cheers everyone!


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Meet the new SFHG leadership!

SFHG elections were at our April monthly meeting at Anchor!

Chris & Kevin are really excited and super confident that the SFHG is headed for an ever greater future with this team of badasses!

If you have questions, please email Chris at sfhomebrewersguild@gmail.com.


Michael Stearns

Michael is a dedicated and award winning homebrewer. He’s also been a core member of the SFHG since the early days, he’s been a very positive additions to just about every event, meeting, and competition we’ve done. He’s an MBA and a Senior Manager who works with clients at a big company, which means that he’s got all the management, organizational, and people skills required to rock in the role of SFHG Pres! Mike has Chris’ and Kevin’s full confidence and support. We look forward to a bright future for the Guild with Mike at the reins!

Vice President

Jamie Simpson 

“I started brewing with my Dad back in 2003 but got serious about becoming a better brewer in 2010. That’s when I switched to all-grain and started concentrating on process, understanding ingredients, and honing recipes. My first competition was also my first SFHG experience, the White House Honey Ale Comp in 2012. I’ve since participated in everything I could including a brew tour, the picnic, brew collaborations, homebrew shares, and the NCHF. I’ve won some club awards and developed the courage to enter outside comps as a result. By day I’m a high school special education teacher, a science teacher, and a leader in my department. I organize, plan, and manage projects for a living and can bring those skills to this position. I love talking shop, meeting new people and already feel that I represent the SFHG pretty much wherever I go. Being the next SFHG VP would provide me the opportunity to support our guild in an even more official capacity as well as help it continue to maintain and grow its traditions that have now become a part of who I am as a homebrewer in San Francisco.”

Outreach Chair

Steve Kondrick

“Though I’m pretty new to homebrewing (about 7 months now), I’m finding I have a passion for learning all that I can about it and the Guild has done so much good for me that I’d like to return the favor. I’m organized, thorough, helpful, a snappy dresser (pause for feigned laughter), and look forward to working with other members of the Guild and receiving their feedback to make every meeting, event or hootenanny as interesting, informative & entertaining as possible to help us all learn and grow as brewers. I have a degree in Marketing Management, that should come in handy as the SFHG Outreach Chair. It’s all new and interesting to mem so I want to help make it continuously interesting and involving for YOU!”

Note: We made this new custom Chair position just for Steve! It will involve a variety of jobs including helping with the SFHG web presence, community outreach, and assisting with events. Like all leadership members Steve will “own” at least one event this year and will play an important role in the SFHG. 

Treasurer-Membership Manager

Rachel Cunningham

Rachel has done a killer job as an interim Treasurer-Membership Manager for the last couple months. She’s helped to reorganize the Membership spreadsheets, has begun a drive to get members to renew and brought in $1,500 in just the last week, she’s obtained an EIN tax number for the SFHG, and is working to get us 501(c)(3) status as a real nonprofit! Rachel has already shown skill and determination in this role and has the full confidence and endorsement of Chris and Kevin for the position.

Competitions Chair

Dermot Stratton

Dermot has been a core member of the SFHG from early on. He’s an talented award winning brewer and beer judge who wants to get involved in organizing and managing the SFHG’s competitions. Dermot recently completed the SFHG’s BJCP training course and took the BJCP exam, which we all expect him to pass with flying colors. He’s also been managing the SFHG’s “SF Brewing Water Project” for which he’s collected brewing water from breweries and homes around SF and sent it to a lab for testing. When the project is complete his results and advice for adjusting SF brewing water for brewing particular styles will be published on a special SFHG website that will be a great resource for the whole SF brewing community.

Board Members

Chris Cohen & Kevin Inglin

This election isn’t a mic drop situation for us, we’re not going anywhere! Both of us plan to continue to be very heavily involved with the SFHG as active event organizers and advisors to the new leadership. You can’t get rid of us that easily.


Jen Jordan

Our 2014 Homebrewer of the Year who JUST STARTED A NEW GIG WORKING FOR ANCHOR (freakin’ congrats!!!) is throwing her name in the ring for SFHG Secretary! Jen’s been a core member of the SFHG for some time. She’s a dedicated member of the Guild and local brewing community. Her colleagues in the SFHG helped her make the decision to change careers and go into brewing, now Jen wants to give back to the community by helping to run the Guild!

Renew your SFHG membership to ensure you can vote!

Support the SFHG and renew your membership! You can join or renew here: http://sfhomebrewersguild.com/sign-up/.

FYI Rachel Cunningham has obtained a Federal Tax ID for the SFHG and over the coming months will help us become a legitimate 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Next thing you know, we’ll be doing a yearly fundraiser event! Thanks Rachel and go with your bad self, SFHG! We couldn’t do this stuff without your membership dues, so thank you to all of our members for your generous support.

Join the SFHG!

Take the leap and join the SFHG! Membership to the SFHG is $45/yr and includes 10% off at SF Brewcraft & 10% off at the Oak Barrel in Berkeley and 10% at MoreBeer locations, plus invitations to all SFHG events. For more info on the benefits of joining, plus our Paypal membership dues link, please go here.

Don’t forget to like us on the SFHG Facebook page and join the SFHG MeetUp page, which is the best spot to keep up to date on upcoming events. 

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Support AB 2609 on behalf of San Francisco’s homebrewers

We need to take action to ensure passage of AB2609, a bill that affects the legality of sharing homebrew and holding homebrew festivals. This bill will correct the poor wording/unintentional consequence of AB1425 passed last year that made it illegal for non-profit homebrewer organizations to host homebrew events in California.

For more info, look here: http://www.homebrewersassociation.org/recent-alerts/calling-all-california-homebrewers/

Feel free to customize the version of the letter sent from SFHG Pres Chris Cohen below. He sent the letter to Assembly Member Brian Nestande’s Chief of Staff Nanette Farag at Nanette.Farag@asm.ca.gov, Tom Ammiano (reps the eastern part of SF) at tom@tomammiano.com & assemblymember.ammiano@assembly.ca.gov,
and Mark Leno (reps all of SF) at senator.leno@senate.ca.gov

April 6, 2014
Honorable Isadore Hall, III
Capitol Office
P.O. Box 942849
Room 3123
Sacramento, CA 94249-00964
Dear Chair Isadore Hall, III:
Subject:  Please support AB 2609
I am the founder and President of the San Francisco Homebrewers Guild. Our club has approximately 200 annual dues paying members and a mailing list of nearly 700 fans of homebrew in San Francisco. We request your support for AB 2609.
Homebrewers love to share with and learn from one another. For instance, the SF Homebrewer’s Guild holds a monthly meeting at Anchor Brewing where we feature talks by pro brewers and share our own creations. We also hold three or four small homebrew competitions each year for our club members. Our ability to continue doing these events and others is threatened by the ABC’s interpretation of AB 1425, passed last year ostensibly to empower clubs like ours to share our creations in a responsible manner. California’s homebrewers have also been fortunate to have larger scale events like the Southern California Homebrewers Festival and the Northern California Homebrewers Festival. These events strengthen the homebrewing community and help individual homebrewers refine their craft – it hardly need be pointed out that the craft beer industry, which is inextricably linked to the success of local homebrew communities, has been a boon to CA’s economy in recent years.
The passage last year of AB 1425 has endangered the ability of the SF Homebrewers Guild to continue operating. It also led to the cancellation of the 24th annual Southern California Homebrewers Association Festival scheduled for early May, and could threaten the 37th annual American Homebrewers Association National Homebrewers Conference planned for 2015. The homebrewers of San Francisco, the Bay Area, and California urge you to support the passage of AB 2609 to restore the ability of homebrewer organizations to host events for homebrewers.
Please show your support for San Francisco’s and California’s homebrewing community by passing AB 2609.
Chris Cohen, Esq.
154 Tiffany Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94110
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Rockin’ it at the SFHG March Monthly Meeting w/ Jay Goodwin of The Rare Barrel

We had another excellent SFHG Monthly Meeting at Anchor Brewing this March, featuring a talk and Q&A with the brilliant sour beer maker and co-founder of Berkeley’s The Rare Barrel. Jay is a fabulous speaker and he really dazzled the 60+ SFHG members who were on hand by talking about how he got started in the beer biz, how to make a great sour beer, and how he takes a very experimental homebrewer-like approach to making all beer at The Rare Barrel.

Other exciting news – the SFHG will be holding elections for leadership positions at our next monthly meeting. If you’re interested in giving some of your time to our amazing community of homebrewers, please check out the SFHG Charter and put your name in the ring by notifying us at sfhomebrewersguild@gmail.com.

Meanwhile, check out these great pics from our March meeting at Anchor.

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