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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us!

  • Mike Stearns, President:
  • Jamie Simpson, Vice President:
  • Dermot Stratton, Competitions Chair
  • Rachel Cunningham, Treasurer/Membership Manager
  • Steve Kondrick, Outreach Chair
  • Jen Jordan, Secretary
  • Chris Cohen, SFHG Board Member, SFHG Founder:
  • Kevin Inglin, SFHG Board Member:

11 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Mike V. Sardina says:

    Hey Chris!

    I’d like to pay the $45 dollars to join the Guild, but I do not know if I will be able to attend the April 22d event. I would definitely like to, but if I cannot make it, I do not want to take up one of the limited 20 slots. Is there a way to pay the $5 and join the guild, but not purchase a ticket to the ESB event?


  2. Hey Mike —

    We really appreciate your comment and love the way you’re ready to rock and roll with the SFHG! It’ll be people like you who are willing to take this leap with us that will help make the SFHG a strong organization. Fear not, Mike! We’re about to announce another way to join that will be just as good as this one! I’ll post the link here and will email it out to the list.


    Founder SFHG

  3. Karl says:

    For the HomeBrew share at PiBar, how much is enough for everyone? If we bring a 5-gal keg, are they going to have a setup, or do we need to bring our own gas and taps?

  4. Hi Karl –
    Our Homebrew Shares lean toward being tasting events rather than having a festival atmosphere. We often bring in a few kegs to run from a jockey box just to ensure that there’s plenty of beer (running low on homebrew has never be an issue!) and because some brewers only keg their brew, so if they’ve got something special we want to showcase, we’ll hook it up. We encourage everyone to bring, at a minimum, two 22oz bottles, but why not bring a bunch and show off what you can do?! We have some brewers who show up with a couple bottles and others who roll in with a cooler full of many different beers, and still others who show up with those mini party pigs or tap-a-draft types of systems.

  5. John J says:

    Hey guys! Ive been getting really stoked reading up on the guild and the events sound awesome, but they’re all on the weekends! I run a kitchen on Polk st so I’m always busy on weekends… You guys planning any mid week or Friday night meet ups?
    Keep up the good work!…..

    • Hi John – we will have midweek and Friday night events now and then, for instance last night some of us met up at Anchor Brewing for a meet and greet that SFHG members were invited to. Make sure you’re on the mailing list to find out what we’re up to and join up via the paypal link on the “Join the SFHG” page if you want invites to everything (many events are limited to members by virtue of their smaller size).

  6. Hey SFHG — A friend and I were really excited to join but as we got to researching we didn’t come across any preferred brewing style. We are currently a couple of lowly partial mash guys. Is the guild open to anyone or are the competitions only available for all-grain brewers?

    • We welcome homebrewers of all stripes. We have lots of partial mash brewers in the SFHG. The membership runs the gamut from all grain brewers who have been brewing for 20 years to new brewers who have only done a single extract batch. Our members all learn a ton from each other, so whether you’re looking to improve your current techniques or learn to brew all grain, or even if you’re just looking to meet people who brew, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the SFHG!

  7. Derek Hutzler says:

    I met a few of you at NCHF and I’m now working in the city. I would like to attend your meeting on oct. 15th. What time is it ?


    • Hi Derek – our meetings typically go from 5:30-7:30. That’s a bit of an early start, but it is what works for Anchor. We never start the content until a bit after 6:00. Often, we’re there until about 8:00 and then walk over to the Steep Brew bar at Whole Foods down the street since it’s so close. FYI, the best place for the most up to date info about our activities is on the MeetUp page – Hope to see you there on the 15th, we’ve got two great speakers coming to talk to us about making sour beers!

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