About Us

What: The San Francisco Homebrewers Guild was established in February 2012 to serve as an organizing force for the local homebrewer community. Our goal is to encourage the art and craft of homebrewing and to bring local brewers together. During our first year, we grew to about 80 dues-paying members, at the end of our second year we had approximately 170 dues-paying members and a mailing list of over 700 local Bay Area beer geeks and homebrewers. We continue to grow! We must be doing something right, come see if you want to join up, too!

Join us for events including:

Keep up to date on SFHG activity via the SFHG Facebook page and the SFHG MeetUp page!

Who: You! Whether you have been brewing all grain for many years or have barely unpacked your extract starter kit, the SFHG welcomes homebrewers of all levels.

BYOH: Bring your own homebrew! We strongly encourage homebrewers to bring a few bottles of their brew to meetings to share with fellow homebrewers for fun and valuable feedback. Bring your best stuff to brag on and your not-so-good stuff for advice. Have you brewed up something with some serious off-flavors? Don’t be embarrassed about it, we’ve all done it! Homebrewers love to try weird brews to try to figure out what went right or wrong,. Also, it’s OK to bring the occasional pro brew in order to demonstrate a particular style or if you were trying to clone it, but generally we do stick with sharing homebrew at our meetings.

Help Out: The SFHG Founder and current President is Chris Cohen. Our current Vice President is Kevin Inglin. As the SFHG forges ahead, we’re looking for dedicated homebrewers to serve the guild as President, VP, Treasurer & Member Manager, and Secretary (learn more about the available positions by reading through the SFHG Charter). We hole elections once per year to bring in new leadership. We’d love to have some help with the blogging, tweeting, and Facebook duties, and we’d be especially appreciative of help with future events. If you would like to “own” an event or monthly meeting, know about a good location for an SFHG meeting, have an idea for a cool and/or educational event, or know someone in the homebrewing or commercial brewing world who may be interested in doing an event with SFHG, please let us know! You can contact the club at sfhomebrewersguild@gmail.com.

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