The SFHG has big news!


We’ve come a long way, baby! I launched the SFHG a mere ten months ago with a Homebrew Share during the 2012 SF Beer Week. Since then we’ve done a ton of fun events and the group has grown faster than I could have ever imagined. The work has been worth the effort, we’ve all seen the magic that happens when folks with a passion for brewing come together. Now I’ve got some big news to share with you about the addition of Kevin Inglin to the SFHG as our new Vice President and the huge expansion of services the SFHG provides to our members that Kevin and I are launching together! Read on for the details.

Over the last year I’ve constantly asked members what they would like to see from the SFHG as we forge ahead. I usually get two responses: 1) you want regular monthly meetings like a traditional homebrew club; and 2) you want to be able to communicate with other members more easily through some sort of forum. We’re here to grant your wishes, Happy New Year!

1)  REGULAR MONTHLY MEETINGS: In 2013, the SFHG is creating a regular monthly meeting! The monthly meetings will feature presentations of technical brewing info by experts, discussions of club activity, updates regarding upcoming homebrew competitions all over California, and possibly even the organizing of a BJCP study group. Each meeting will end with time to socialize  These regular meetings will be free for paid members and $5 for nonmembers who want to check them out. Homebrew to sample will be welcome, of course. Our monthly meetings will be on the third Tuesday of every month, starting on January 15th. Want to know what’s really freakin’ badass? Anchor Brewing has agreed to host the SFHG’s monthly meetings beginning in February! Seriously, folks! Here are the details on when and where our January meeting will be.

2) DEMOCRATIZE! The SFHG has long been seeking a way to give SF’s homebrew community a way to communicate with each other more directly, a forum where you can seek brewing advice, discuss local homebrew events, and even arrange for your own events and brew days without having to go through the SFHG leadership. Fellow homebrewer Kevin Inglin took over the “SF Home Brew Club” Meetup page in mid-2012, soon after that he approached me about merging with the SFHG so we could provide more services to the local community under a single name rather than duplicating our efforts. After lots of discussion and working together on the North Bay Brewery Bus Tour, we decided to move forward with a total merger of the two groups. One big benefit is that we can provide Meetup’s services to the entire SF homebrew community through the SFHG. The SFHG Meetup page is for all SF homebrewers, even if you’re not a paid member of the SFHG. Homebrewers who sign up on the Meetup page will be able to post to the forum, leave comments, see info about upcoming events, create their own events and brew days that other members can sign up to attend (events are subject to approval by SFHG Pres or VP to ensure they are appropriate). We will definitely still send email about SFHG activity and upcoming events, but the Meetup page will also serve as another channel for us to disseminate information about SFHG events. The new SFHG Meetup page can be found here:, please go and sign up now.

Just in case there’s any doubt — membership in the SFHG has even more benefits than before. Paid members of the SFHG will continue to receive invites to private events (there will be even more in 2013), discounts on tickets to big events, free entry in SFHG homebrew competitions, and will be an integral part of the SFHG monthly meetings. You can see info about joining here –

I’m really looking forward to rockin’ it with you all in 2013!

– Chris Cohen (SFHG Founder & President)

About SF Homebrewers Guild

What: The San Francisco Homebrewers Guild was established in 2012 to serve as an organizing force for the local homebrewer community. Our goal is to encourage the art and craft of homebrewing and to bring local brewers together. Join us for monthly events including homebrew shares, brew days, commercial and home brewery tours, meet-the-brewer parties, style classes by pro brewers, and so on. Who: You! Whether you have been brewing for many years or have barely unpacked your starter kit, the SFHG welcomes homebrewers of all levels to our events. Even the most experienced homebrewers can benefit from feedback about their creations! BYOH: Bring your own homebrew!
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