Get on the bus: the SFHC + SFHG North Bay Brewery Bus Tour rocked!

A huge thanks to Kevin Inglin of the SF Home Brew Club Meetup group for organizing the awesome SFHC +SFHG North Bay Brewery Bus Tour. We all had a killer time at the Bear Republic, Russian River, Third St, and Lagunitas breweries. Where else would you rather be on a dark rainy Sunday but sharing brews with 45 homebrewers?!

The SFHG is looking forward to more great collaborations with the SFHC and possibly combining the groups in the future so we can build the SF homebrew community together!

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About SF Homebrewers Guild

What: The San Francisco Homebrewers Guild was established in 2012 to serve as an organizing force for the local homebrewer community. Our goal is to encourage the art and craft of homebrewing and to bring local brewers together. Join us for monthly events including homebrew shares, brew days, commercial and home brewery tours, meet-the-brewer parties, style classes by pro brewers, and so on. Who: You! Whether you have been brewing for many years or have barely unpacked your starter kit, the SFHG welcomes homebrewers of all levels to our events. Even the most experienced homebrewers can benefit from feedback about their creations! BYOH: Bring your own homebrew!
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