The SFHG Presidential Honey Ale Competition was a huge success!

HOLY WOWZER everyone, the amazing crowd of 2oo at the Presidential Honey Ale Comp all seemed to have an amazing time! I hope every SFHG event can live up to that excellent example and thank you soooo much to everyone who came, all the generous brewers who shared their creations, the 28 brewers who entered the WH Honey Ale competition, and all the donors who provided those fabulous prizes for the winners!

White House Honey Ale Competition winners:

#1 Jay Faustini & Andrei Fintescu — Obama’s Land of Milk & Honey Ale
#2 Michael Stearns — The 47% Honey Ale
#3 Martha Warner de Amar — Martha’s Obamalicious Honey Ale
Honorable Mention to Paul Barnes & Colin Elliot — Queen Bee Ale

People’s Choice Label Competition Winner: Paul Barne & Colin Elliot — Queen Bee Ale

People’s Choice non-WH Honey Ale: Kevin Inglin — Humble Legitimate Son (Oaked Arrogant Bastard clone)

People’s Choice WH Honey Ale: Jamie Simpson — Liberty Bee Ale

I want to really recognize and especially thank all the volunteers. Plenty of people at the event thanked me for organizing it, but the truth is that without volunteers like Mike, John, Carson, Amy, Tom, Jonathon, and all of you who took ownership of pieces of the event and just made good things happen on the spot, it just would not have been possible. The camaraderie I witnessed and the positive feedback from the even took me to another level. Thanks again everyone, I can’t say it enough. Here’s looking forward to a bright future for the SF Homebrewer’s Guild!

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Big thanks to our WH Honey Ale judges, they did a great job: Eric Cripe, Certified Cicerone who runs the Jug Shop’s beer program; Jason Henry, beer writer at SF Foodie; Gil Payne, Nombe co-ower; and Phil Cutti, the new head brewer at Southpaw. Fact: all four of the judges came up with the same three winning beer when all the tasting was done! Also, a big thanks to Carson for stewarding and managing the entire blind judging process.  Huge thanks to all the donors who provided drool-worthy prizes: the Oak Barrel in Berkeley; SF Brewcraft; Almanac Beer Company; Pi Bar; and GigaYeast!

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About SF Homebrewers Guild

What: The San Francisco Homebrewers Guild was established in 2012 to serve as an organizing force for the local homebrewer community. Our goal is to encourage the art and craft of homebrewing and to bring local brewers together. Join us for monthly events including homebrew shares, brew days, commercial and home brewery tours, meet-the-brewer parties, style classes by pro brewers, and so on. Who: You! Whether you have been brewing for many years or have barely unpacked your starter kit, the SFHG welcomes homebrewers of all levels to our events. Even the most experienced homebrewers can benefit from feedback about their creations! BYOH: Bring your own homebrew!
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